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WHAT? are you as lost as i am [?]

question;; response;; and other random items

the [W H A T] arcana
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w h o

{we are the universe}
w h yW H A Tw h e r e
Maybe in this world, there would be a girl who knew where she was going. Perhaps she had a name; she goes by many things. [Stormy] might be one, and a {senpai} to many. But who is this girl? Does "Stephanie" quality? And what does she use this for? Her twenty years of life experience don't make anything easy; but it's how she likes it. In disarray.Let's talk about philosophies.
Nobody cares.
Some will remain standing, some will fall. I guess we'll see who does which when we arrive at that point. I'm not needy anymore; I have learned independence, I plan on utilizing it to the highest extent. The loneliness isn't as bad when you can sit through and organize your thoughts.
You have chosen to begin the WHAT?! arcana. Random and chaotic, expect to read things that make sense, but much that might not. You will now be able to increase your intelligence or, if anything, the amount of times you go, "what?!".

I guess links belong here. Feel free to click everything.

thundetstorm-96 @ [lj]
Envy-Senpai @ [cosplay.com]
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I had been planning on using this. Until I do, it's merely a placeholder.
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